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REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs
REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs
REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs
REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs
REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs
REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs

REFRESHâ„¢ Reusable Produce Bags - 12pcs

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The Easiest Way To Start Your Eco-Lifestyle

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Eliminate Plastic Bags from reaching our Oceans! These Reusable Produce Bags are the best alternative to eliminate plastic waste from your day-to-day activities. They are made of eco-friendly woven mesh that will replace the need for single-use plastic bags for good. Reusing one produce bag makes you a part of the movement!

We give you 12 bags, including three different sizes so you will never need a plastic bag again while shopping. Washing machine friendly, so you can store them in your fridge or purse with no stress of stains or damage. They also keep your vegetables and fruit fresh much longer, using a breathable mesh instead of suffocating them with plastic. Every Bag can be closed tight with the drawstring.

The Zero-Waste movement is growing and needs everyone on board. By using these produce bags, you will spread awareness everytime you visit the grocery store and save our planet one bag at a time! As many of us take a step forward in being Eco-Friendly with reusable straws, reusable grocery bags or anything it takes to eliminate plastic, this is the best all new alternative to replacing plastic produce bags. 

How It Helps

We went to the grocery store and witnessed hundreds of plastic bags being dispersed in a matter of minutes. When doing your grocery shop, we found on average you're using 3-5 plastic produce bags in every shopping trip. Whether that is five times a week or once a week, it adds up.

Grab your Zero-Waste Produce Bags and eliminate daily plastic waste!

The Facts Behind Plastic

Plastic takes over 1,000 years to decompose. Once it decomposes, it turns into microplastics that NEVER fully disappear from our Earth. You can make a HUGE difference in such an easy way by eliminating daily plastic usage.

To give you an idea of how much plastic we're producing -- if everyone just in the United States alone were to ditch plastic produce bags, we would save over 100 MILLION TONS of plastic from our Oceans each month. 90% of this plastic is not being recycled properly and makes its way to our oceans, this is a step forward for our Earth that needs to be taken by everyone and by you, starting today.

At the rate we're going, there will be more plastic than fish in the Ocean by 2045! Spread awareness and obtain a Zero-Waste Lifestyle Today!

Package Contents

  • 3 X Small Produce Bags (8 * 12 inches)
  • 6 X Medium Produce Bags (14 * 12 inches)
  • 3 X Large Produce Bags (17 * 12 inches)


    • Machine Washable Mesh
    • Made of BPA Free, Food-Safe Material
    • 12 Piece Set in 3 Different Sizes
    • Tightens with a Draw-String on Each Bag
    • Keep them in the Fridge or Freezer!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 496 reviews
    Something I didn’t realize I was missing until I bought them!

    I really like these mesh bags. We use the farmers market for fruits and veggies and I always bring my reusable grocery bags but I just have to throw all of the food in. Now I will finally be able to keep them organized in these light weight reusable bags. They are easy to open and close and perfect for other uses too(wet clothes, small toys like legos). My mom is already asking for some 🤣. I have 3lbs of apples in the medium size bag and still have room for more and the bag feels durable. Overall I can’t think of anything I dislike about them!

    Trying to use less plastic

    These are a thousand times better than I expected. For one, the mesh is thick and almost spongy, it really helps keeping juicy fruits from getting everything sticky. They’re super lightweight and even the biggest size can be folded down enough to fit in a pocket. Not saying they’re undersized, the biggest one is well over a foot in length and width. Each is very well manufactured and can hold a good amount of weight. I’m so excited to use them every time I shop.

    Something I didn’t realize I was missing until I bought them!

    These are great. They come in three sizes and are perfect for different size vegetables and fruits. I use them every time I do the grocery shopping and I’m very happy that I am no longer adding plastic bags to the landfill. If they get dirty I just rinse them in the sink and dry them with a towel. They don’t weigh hardly anything so I’m not worried about the added weight when weighing stuff to pay for it. Also, you can rinse off your produce in the bags.

    LOVE these bags

    These bags are a wonderful replacement for single use plastic bags.
    They are easy to use and easy to wash. Great price. I use them every week at the grocery.


    Got lightning fast